In-home Continence Assessment

My In-home Continence Assessment service is available for people of all ages and all abilities. I can help you with an assessment of your continence needs for bladder and/or bowel, including on-going training, management, support, and continence products through the NDIS plans.

A continence assessment is a detailed assessment:

  • of how your bladder and bowel are working
  • of any issues you have getting to, or using, the toilet
  • to work out if you have incontinence and what type of incontinence you have.

This helps me to find out what’s causing the continence issues and what’s the best way to treat it.

There are many different things that can cause problems with passing urine and faeces. Some people can be cured with the right treatment. For other people, the problem may not be able to be cured but can be better managed.

A continence assessment may not be finished in a single visit. Information may need to be gathered about your health, symptoms, normal bladder and bowel habits, and what help you need.